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Helen Amstel - founder and tutor

Since its foundation in 1999, the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre has helped dyslexics and their families, across Essex and Suffolk.
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"I would like to recommend Helen Amstel as an excellent Dyslexia tutor."  A. Manning

About Helen Amstel

Growing up with dyslexia

In school I was left to get on with my work at the back of the class. My trouble was that I couldn't read, let alone start writing anything in response. At the age of 11 years, I was still unable to write my own name!

Most of my teachers did not understand and would punish me for not doing the work. I would be kept in at play time to practice reading horrible science books. My peers would call me a baby or even worse stupid, because I already knew I was stupid, which had a dramatic effect on my confidence. I protected myself by being shy, with few friends. The effects stayed with me into my adult life. My parents sent me to a school that specialised in learning difficulties, where I was taught in a different and imaginative way, and managed to overcome the worst of my dyslexia. After three years I was able to enter mainstream schooling and take my GCSE Exams.

I took jobs that required little reading and writing skills, until I discovered my child was also dyslexic. It was then that I knew I had to face my dyslexia and started my training to become a teacher. I went on self-esteem building courses and with a lot of help from my family, especially my mother, I developed the confidence to face my demons. As you can see below I managed to succeed! 
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Helen Amstel

Parenting and Dyslexia

Being dyslexic and having a dyslexic child was a challenge for me, and again if it was not for my family's help, mine and my daughter's lives would be very different today.

My daughter is and was confident and sociable, which helped her to make friends and cope socially. I believe that it is in part due to her character, and partly due to growing up with the support of a mother and grandmother who understood her needs and struggles. However, when it came to school work, in primary school, she was quickly left behind. By the end of year two she was complaining of sore throats and stomach aches to avoid going to an environment that didn't understand her. It was only when her needs were recognised, accepted and addressed, that she was able to undertake the school's syllabus and then these illnesses disappeared. 

Why I started the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre:

Sue Gardner, my mother, and I started the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre in 1999, mainly as a result of the pains and sufferings of my own experience of the mainstream school system, both as a student and a parent with a dyslexic child. Our goals were (and are today) to offer parents, children and adults a service that recognises dyslexia and is able to help them to identify their weaknesses and strengths, in order to improve the quality of their lives.

I believe I am in a unique position of being able to empathise with a student and work with their strengths and weaknesses. I understand the frustrations and emotions that a dyslexic goes through. Working with each student requires creative thinking as I plan each session to meet that student's needs. If, however, they have had a bad day and are not able to cope with what I have planned, the whole programme changes.

My goal is to help each student, whether an adult or child, to reach their potential. 
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Tutor for Dyslexics, serving people across Essex and Suffolk.

Helen Amstel - qualifications and training

My qualifications, training and experience

From birth to present day - School of Life - Using the experiences and the knowledge I have gained from living with dyslexia every day of my life.
  • 1983 - The London Montessori Centre - this has taught me how to teach using a multisensory learning style.
  • 1999 - Starcross Educational Research Association, Practitioner in Computerised Indirect Learning. This included training in assessing for signs of dyslexia. It also showed me that learning to touch type was a dyslexic-friendly method of improving skills.
  • 2001 - Step by Step training with Sue Gardner - has taught me how to teach in a colourful and creative style.
  • 2002 - Essex Adult Education, Rogerian Counselling Skills - taught me how to listen to another's concerns and help them to answer their own questions.
  • 2004 - Read America Inc. Phono - Graphix Reading Therapy - has taught me how to present spellings in a 'big picture/global' learning style.
  • 2007 - Association of Natural Medicine, Intuitive Colour Counselling Skills - further development of my counselling skills
  • 2011- Essex Adult Education, OCR Level 2 certificate in adult literacy - refreshing my literacy skills
  • 2012 - Essex Adult Education, OCR Levels 1 & 2 certificates in adult numeracy - refreshing and updating skills
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