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At the age of nearly eight, John came for an assessment. We found that he was struggling to see clearly when reading and was confused about writing letters especially b and d. John found it hard to hear the individual sounds within words. He did not remember or fully understand the concept of sound pictures, when learning his spellings and then writing sentences. He had a weak short-term memory and found what his teacher told him hard to follow. John was also being bullied at school, and teased by his brother at home, and would argue with everyone.

John and I worked together first by talking about being bullied and his feelings. He was given the space to be himself and say what he needed to say. Over the four years we worked together we would talk about any worries he had when they arose. We would also read and look at how words were spelt. By the time he left for secondary school, John was happier, more confident, on the top table for literacy and writing his own stories.


Jane is exceedingly dyslexic. She is at secondary school with a reading and spelling ability of that of a child in reception. She cannot hear phonetic sounds within words and her short-term memory weaknesses have hindered her in many areas of life. She has a statement of educational needs that makes provision for a reader and scribe to help her in all appropriate classes. Jane’s self-belief and confidence are low and need developing. 

We have worked together for three years and during that time she has learnt to tell the time, go shopping, recognise basic words needed for daily life and is slowly grasping blending skills. We have started reading a story book together, which she is enjoying for the first time. 
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Case studies from the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre


When Mark came for his initial assessment at the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre he was six years old. His spelling level was evaluated to be 9 months below his actual age, and he had no determinable reading age. He had poor comprehension skills and low self -esteem. Mark was also slightly dyspraxic and found controlling his hands and fingers difficult. This difficulty proved to affect his ability to develop his writing skills, slowed his spelling development and caused him a great deal of frustration.

After one year of lessons Mark had his second assessment. His spelling age was now 8 months below his age, and his reading age was now seven years and one month – one month above his actual age. He was still having difficulty with letter formation and identifying sounds, yet his confidence had improved.

His third assessment was then taken another seven months on. We found that his reading age was now matching his actual age, and his spelling level was 6 months below his age. His tutor also noticed that Mark’s letter formation skills were affected by his confidence levels. This highlights just how important the emotional support provided by the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre is. We recognise that emotional well-being and self-belief are crucial elements in learning and we aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment for students to study in.

The graph to the right, shows the progression of ‘Mark’, a Key Stage 2 student.
After nine more months Mark was assessed again. This time his spelling age was only 2 months below his actual age, and his reading age was now 9 years and 10 months – his actual age was only 8 years and 4 months. His auditory comprehension was now much stronger and his reading comprehension was steadily improving.

Fourteen months later, Mark’s fifth assessment showed that although his spelling age was now 4 months below his age, his reading level was 2 years and 2 months above his age!

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Mark's Progress
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