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Dyslexia tuition in Essex

Contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre to arrange Dyslexia tuition. From our base in Thorpe-le-Soken, we assist learners across Essex and Suffolk, call 01255 861 705 for a friendly chat about how we can help you.
 We can arrange tuition, talks, and workshops.

Dyslexia tuition and more at the
Thorpe Dyslexia Centre

The type of tuition

Tuition is chosen depending on the type of dyslexia experienced by the student. No one method is exclusively, used but the main programmes are Alpha to Omega, Read America's Phono Graphix, Step by Step, and Montessori. A comprehensive selection of multisensory equipment is available.

The study room

The study room provides a homely and safe environment, with a relaxing ambience where students work on a one-to-one basis with their tutor, away from the stresses of school, work and peer pressure.

In my experience, I have found that occasionally students need support with dealing with the emotional difficulties they have faced due to not being able to read and write in school or work life. I know that a student’s confidence and self-esteem play a crucial part in their quality of life and learning.

All about Lessons

Lessons are available from Monday to Friday during and after school. I follow the local school holidays, although continuation during summer holidays is an option.
Students usually attend for one to two hours per week.

For primary aged children and severely dyslexic students, we encourage tuition during normal school hours, as dyslexic children must work twice as hard to achieve and may be too tired after school. I encourage and highlight progress, with feedback during each lesson and regular re-appraisals are carried out to show the student’s progress.
Our case studies
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To book Dyslexia tuition
contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre, 
call 01255 861 705.
Serving learners across Essex and Suffolk.

Want to understand Dyslexia better?

If you'd like to understand Dyslexia better, then we can also arrange talks and workshops for you. 


I am able to offer informative talks on dyslexia to large groups. I talk about the different areas of dyslexia:

•  What is Dyslexia?
•  Living with Dyslexia
•  How do I know if I am Dyslexic?
•  Supporting a Dyslexic Person


If you want a more in depth insight into being dyslexic and have an actual taste of what it is like; this is for you. I run insightful workshops for businesses and organisations interested in developing a practical understanding of what their dyslexic students, workers or clients experience on a daily basis.

The groups are kept to a maximum of 12 participants so I am able to take you through a process in which you gain a perception of living with dyslexia.

The areas that we cover are as follows:

•  What is Dyslexia?
•  The different types of Dyslexia
•  Living with Dyslexia
•  How do I know if I am Dyslexic?
•  Supporting a Dyslexic Person

Each workshop is tailored to your requirements; therefore a minimum of one month’s notice and completion of pre-course questionnaires is required.

Contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre to arrange your talk or workshop
call 01255 861 705. 
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