Our History, Aims & Ethos

Our Dyslexia centre's history, aims and ethos

The Thorpe Dyslexia Centre is dedicated to helping dyslexics and their families, building their confidence and improving their literacy skills. We assist learners across Essex and Suffolk, call 01255 861 705 for a friendly chat about how we can help you.
 We can arrange appraisals, tuition, talks and workshops.

History of the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre

Thorpe Dyslexia Centre was started by Helen Amstel and Sue Gardner and has been providing help for children and adults experiencing specific learning difficulties in the form of dyslexia since 1999.

The Centre offers advice, appraisals, one-to-one tailored tuition, and workshops. It provides specialist teaching that is not currently available in schools. I believe in a shared learning experience, helping a student to discover how to use their skills to learn, in an environment that is homely and safe where emotions are addressed and self-confidence and esteem is encouraged.

Although an independent organisation, I like to work with other educational services to insure good continuity of learning skills. I continue to fulfill my aim of providing a service that supports a dyslexic to reach their potential in a world that is continually changing, by continuing to improve my skills through regular training. 

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Serving learners across Essex and Suffolk.

Aims and ethos of the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre

My aims at the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre are simple, I wish to provide adults and children who are having a tough time with their reading, spelling and writing with an environment that feels safe and secure.

Thorpe Dyslexia Centre is the place where:
•  Your mistakes are welcomed
•  Your tears are understood
•  Your questions are answered
•  Your feelings are heard
•  You’re accepted as you are
•  You’re able to learn
•  Your spirit can fly
• You'll leave with improved confidence and hope restored for a better future.

Being dyslexic in the UK school system can be very scary and confusing, the loss of confidence and disengagement is a real risk. Once confidence is lost, stress builds quickly and it is common for these children to seek out coping methods (messing about, daydreaming, avoidance etc.). As a dyslexic myself, I am able to understand how these children experience school and learning.

However, Dyslexia can be a gift; if the child is supported and encouraged to use it. Therefore in my one-to-one lessons, I aim to return the child’s confidence, love of learning, and enjoyment of school through focusing on and using what they are good at.

The learning environment I provide is one where building trust, emotional well-being and hope are primary. Using a creative and fun learning style, I support my students to rebuild or discover their natural learning ability. Confidence and self-image are vital in learning, as well as for success in life generally. The children are able to be themselves, honest, and real. Dyslexics are self-teachers more than they are students. We use this natural ability and work as a team.

Contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre to arrange your talk, workshop or appraisal call 01255 861 705. 
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