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The 'Step by Step' Method

Sue Gardener was a founder of the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre. An expert in dyslexia tutoring, she created and wrote the 'Step by Step' method.  During her career, she helped dyslexics and their families, across Essex and Suffolk. 
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About Sue Gardener

Sue’s Biography

Sue Gardner, co-founder of the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre with Helen, taught both adults and children who are dyslexics.

Now retired, for 25 years she worked for the Local Education Authority as a Special Educational Needs Teacher and subsequently as a Co-ordinator. She also trained with the Local Education Authority as a counsellor for adults with learning difficulties.

Sue spent many years researching the various teaching methods used to help dyslexic students and has written her own work manual ‘Step by Step’ for parents and teachers working with dyslexic children and adults.

Sue Gardener

'Step by Step' by Sue Gardener

‘Step by Step’ is a teaching method devised for dyslexic students to learn reading and spelling. It contains tried and tested approaches to solving many of the difficulties these students experience, and includes worksheets that can be used and developed. It includes guidance to teachers and parents in understanding and addressing a child’s stumbling blocks.

A dyslexic student does not learn in the conventional way. They take longer to absorb the variety of rules that make up the English Language.

This package is divided into three separate books for easy reference, and takes a student through all the stages of literacy learnt at Primary School.

Part One: Basic - contains lessons usually learnt in the first year of Primary School, and is essential for understanding phonics. Much use is made of pictorial symbols to assist the memory.

Part Two: The Magic of Vowels - explores the five vowels and the many different ways they can be combined to make the rich variety of sounds used in English. Colour is used to accentuate the impact of adjoining letters.

Part Three: Building the Vocabulary - leads the student to a more advanced level with sections covering areas such as prefixes and endings, punctuation, patterns of spelling and basic grammar.

Our case studies
'Step by Step' by Sue Gardener
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Praise for 'Step by Step' by Sue Gardener

This is an excellent book, easy to use, clearly laid out, a great addition to our products."
- The Dyslexia Shop

"Thank you for Step by Step which has helped our son. I wish this book had been available for my 16 year old daughter, it would have prevented years of struggle."
- Mrs. G.

"Thank you for all your help with Judy, she has now successfully gained six passes in her GCSE exams."
- Mrs. P.

"I am so delighted with the results you achieved with Fraser; he now enjoys school instead of fearing every day."
- Mrs. H.

"Jason is beginning to make progress at long last. He still needs to catch up, but he can see that he is beginning to achieve what seemed impossible."
- Mrs. G.

"We are so relieved that someone understands Beth's difficulties and she is now beginning to make progress. Thank you for all your help."
- Mr. and Mrs. B.

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