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Dyslexia tutoring testimonials


“Many thanks for your letter. It’s good to know you are still helping people with dyslexia.

I know I only attended your centre for a short time and was helped quite a lot by the different programmes you offered me.
I found it very helpful to be able to use a computer as it made learning for me so much easier. It wasn’t only being taught to correct my mistakes, but was made fun and interesting to do.

I have since left school, got married and my wife is also dyslexic, but we both are glad that you and your business exist to help others.

I am at the moment completing a course in computer technology and remember all what I learnt from you”

Mr. M.G

“The centre helped me go forward with my son and gave me the facts to build a case and get my son a statement of educational needs at a young age.” 

Mr. and Mrs. S

“Our son Tim, attended the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre in his final year at primary school. He was given permission to have time out of lessons and we transported him back and forth ourselves twice a week. It was a difficult time as we were both in full time jobs and it put an extra strain on family life.

Obviously this shouldn’t have need necessary as the tuition he received in Thorpe should have been carried out at school. However, we have no doubt that Tim benefitted greatly from his sessions. His confidence increased particularly in I.T and keyboarding which certainly helped him in secondary school. His spelling also improved and his I.T. skills coupled with his increase in confidence helped him during his teenage years.

He didn’t get nearly enough support in secondary school but when left he travelled as a chef and is currently spending a year in the USA completing an internship in a top hotel. Although he still struggles with reading, he has written several letters and e-mails us frequently. We are extremely proud of him and do feel that, although his time with the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre was short lived, it helped him with his basic skills and probably would have helped him further, had he had the opportunity to continue attending.”

Mr. and Mrs. P.

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"I would like to recommend Helen Amstel as an excellent Dyslexia tutor.

Helen Amstel was recommended to me a few years ago by a friend who has two dyslexic children. After taking my daughter along for an assessment (which was incredibly helpful), I was able to take the clear, written advice that Helen had given me and collaborate with my daughters school, enabling both the school and I to help my daughter achieve her full potential and overcome some of the difficulties that her dyslexia was causing.

Two Years later my daughter was in her last year at Primary school and her S.A.T.s were due.

Again I contacted Helen with the hope that she could help my daughter with some spelling strategies. Helen was really accommodating and had some excellent ideas that could help.

Helen had a number of computer programmes that Milly really enjoyed using, they also played word recognition games that would help with Milly's phonological awareness, blending and segmenting. My daughter and I were always made to feel extremely welcome at every lesson and we both enjoyed attending each one. My daughter would say "I love Fridays because it is my dyslexia tuition".

I enjoyed the relaxing surroundings and my daughter really enjoyed working with Helen on a one-to-one basis which also gave my daughter the opportunity to discuss personal and social issues linked with her dyslexia. At the end of each session my daughter would come away feeling positive, happy and that she had really been listened to.

From the time of our first assessment Helen has always given us very practical helpful advice, to help us deal with our daughters dyslexic issues. Throughout the sessions Helen was very understanding, intuitive and observant and could always tell if my daughter had lost focus. If this happened Helen was always able to find another task to try for a while, before steering my daughter back to the original task, Helen's gentle guidance was brilliant!

During the time we spent with Helen it was great to see my daughter's confidence grow. Helen's gentle understanding approach has really helped my daughter to realise her potential and to understand that there are many ways of dealing with dyslexia and that she is not alone."

A. Manning

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