Why have an Appraisal?

Why have a Dyslexia appraisal?

Contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre to arrange a Dyslexia appraisal. 
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Why have an appraisal at the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre?

At the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre, our appraisals can help both adult and child learners. 

As an adult learner, an appraisal can help you to understand how you learn and start to give you your confidence back.

For children, the appraisals used at the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre are designed to discover what a child finds easy when using literacy and numeracy skills, as well as what they find hard. This knowledge is used to make their life easier and school enjoyable again.

The appraisal will identify where a child is struggling in their literacy and numeracy skills. This information is then put into a report designed to make sure parents know and understand their child’s educational needs, and can support and speak informatively on their behalf.

An important part of the appraisal is discussing with the guardian/parents their thoughts and experiences regarding their child. The aim of this is to ensure we all have a full understanding of the situation. When we all know what the child needs educationally, this gives you, the parent, the confidence and knowledge to approach your child’s school and work together to obtain the right support for your child.
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To book a Dyslexia appraisal contact the Thorpe Dyslexia Centre, 
call 01255 861 705.
Serving learners across Essex and Suffolk.

Our Dyslexia appraisals in more detail

The appraisal looks at a child’s feelings relating to school, social life, literacy and numeracy. It will ask about: following instructions; playing with friends; math; reading; writing; spelling; PE and hobbies etc.

The appraisal will also look at a child’s visual, auditory, memory and sequencing skills. This includes phonic awareness, sight word recognition, writing and reading skills. The math part of the appraisal covers adding, subtracting, multiplying and division abilities, number bonds up to 10, times tables and telling the time.

There is time for parents to share their feelings, concerns and experiences. This is important in discovering any additional factors that can affect learning, e.g. main teacher away, illnesses, long periods off school and family history of dyslexia etc.

The appraisal takes about 2hrs at a cost of £95; this includes discussion, the initial appraisal, report, and an information booklet given to parents of children with dyslexic tendencies.

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